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RCS Service Provisioning - Auto Configuration Server (ACS)

The Summit Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) allows operators to easily deploy a scalable service provisioning solution for Rich Communication Services. Existing device management solutions (e.g. OMA DM) can be complex to integrate when factoring the additional requirement of deploying RCS combined with existing services across multiple devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets. ACS (autoconfiguration server) shortens time-to-market and reduces risk on complex service deployments by focusing on an operator's specific RCS configuration requirements, as well as providing a customizable and adaptable interface to existing provisioning systems, including Mobile Device Management solutions..

RCS Auto-Configuration Server (ACS)

- RCS-e, RCS 5.1+ compliant, including Universal Profile 1.0
- Extensible XML configuration documents
- Simple and flexible templates
- Enable / disable features for specific devices, OS version, or client versions...
- Optional or mandatory client upgrade notification
- Active user reporting
- Registration reporting
- High availability

By optionally coupling the Summit RCS client with Summit`s Autoconfiguration Server (ACS), service deployment is simplified for both primary devices (smartphones) and secondary devices (tablets, PCs), with the additional benefit of Summit`s GSMA accredited RCS client serving as a reference implementation for device OEMs. The gained advantage of deploying both Summit`s RCS clients and Summit`s ACS is even more evident in cases where an operator plans on adding differentiation to their RCS services by including functionality beyond what is offered by GSMA RCS specifications.

Summit`s RCS accredited GSMA clients, with its added ability to support operator specific requirements, combined with Summit`s proven ACS solution, is the ideal foundation from which an operator can anchor a complex IMS deployment.