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RCS - Rich Communication Services & Suite Summit’s next generation IMS / RCS SDK & client delivering an enhanced communication experience on smartphones, tablets, digital assistants, desktops and HMDs, including in 5G live streaming Edge Computing (MEC) platform Odience       

Support for Presence, Privacy, Service Capability (UCE), Contact Lists, Video Share, IR.92 / VoLTE or IR.58 VoHSPA, IR.94 / 2-way Video Call, 1-to-1 Messaging, 1-to-n Group Chat , Multimedia Message, Deferred Delivery, File Transfer, Geo-location and more. Including support for RCS web clients, network services through RCS APIs and RCS Business Messaging for A2P.

RCS MaaP / Bots - RCS Business Messaging

RCS Enriched Calling -

Full Internationalization support.
Advanced skinning framework.

Attractive designs, intuitive functionality and rich communication services seamlessly connect RCS / IMS (IP Multimedia Subsytems) on smartphones, desktops & digital assistants
Rich Communication Services : RCS Universal Profile 1 & 2
Enriched Call
Pre-Call, In-call, post-call. IMS sessions (VoIP / VoLTE / VoWiFi) and call logs can be enriched to include video, chat, file transfer & location share.
Advanced Skinning Framework
Full customization of the presentation layer look and behavior is supported, with no impact on the IMS SDK below it.
Enhanced Phonebook
The Summit RCS Client marks-up the native address book to highlight RCS service capabilities, and synchronizes your contacts with a network Converged Address Book (CAB / NAB).
Standards-based methods to detect service capabilities of devices on different platforms and operators, providing a positive user experience while highlighting your network's differentiating services.
Basic and extended presence information including service capabilities, geolocation , taglines and avatars. When a presence server is not deployed, service capabilities are discovered through the RCS SIP OPTIONS method.
Device RCS API - RCS 5 T-API
The Summit RCS stack exposes three levels of RCS API controls to developers, providing high-level, intermediate and fine-grained interfaces. Developers can add rich communication services to existing applications from gaming to mHealth, or create their own services based on RCS infrastructure.
Enriched Messaging
- OMA CPM: Converged IP Messaging
- SIMPLE IM Group chat or 1-1 instant messaging that can be enhanced with image, media, video share or file transfer.
- Support for Integrated InBox, RCS, SMS & MMS (as per RCS Universal Profile, joyn Blackbird, Crane)
Supported Video Codecs
H.263, H.263-1998, H.263-2000,
H.264, WebM ( VP8 )

Supported Audio Codecs
AMR-NB, AMR-WB, EVS, G711 a-law, G711 u-law, Speex, iLBC, G.722, G.722,2, OPUS
Rich Communication Services also available in 360 live streaming 5G platform Odience    
RCS Datasheet
RCS Android, iOS, Windows, Web
RCS Android, iOS, Windows, Web

Available RCS clients

Android RCS clients,
HTML 5 / Linux RCS clients,
iPhone RCS client, iPad RCS
app, Windows 10 RCS app,
Windows 8, 7, macOS RCS clients, Unity RCS clients.

RCS Universal Profile, joyn Blackbird, joyn Crane,RCS 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 &